3D origami chick in eggshell master class tutorial

Video description

Showing a detailed stepwise assembly 3D origami chick in shell. This figure is quite beautiful and funny, and it is perfect gift for family and friends. Also, this chick would be a good instance of the collection of your works of 3D origami.

Necessary on the lower eggshell 194 pieces. Upper eggshell need 108 pieces. Need for the chicken 221.

We need:

302 white, 220 yellow and 1 red triangular pieces.

How to make triangular pieces for 3D origami see here.

Make three rows of 16 yellow pieces each.

1st row short side piece up.

2nd and 3rd row long side up.

Give shape to the bowl and make another four rows of 16 pieces each

Make still one row (put on pieces vice versa)

9th row: 16 yellow

Making still four rows

Making wing: 3, 2, 1

make another wing

insert the wings

attach red piece. This will be the beak

Making lower eggshell - 3 rows of 14 white each

Make a row of 14 white.

5th row: 21 white pieces.

Every second and third pieces put on ONE pocket

6th row: 21 white

7th row: 21 white

arbitrarily add pieces in the 8th and as necessary 9th row. So we make "effect broken eggshell"

Make the top part of the eggshell: 3 rows of 8 white each

4th row of 16 white pieces that dress on one pocket

Make still four rows of 16 white pieces

Make "broken eggshells" arbitrarily adding 4 white pieces

Making of paper eyes

and glue their

insert chicken in eggshells

You can strengthen lower eggshells white pieces (if the chicken falls).

or paste into a chicken some cargo-weight material.

Here we've got a such a cute chick 3D origami.

And now you know how to make chick (chicken) in eggshell from the paper in the art modular origami. If you want to - use this video as master class for the assembly chick in eggshell.

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